​Rereko panda

Painter (Face painter)

when I was 18years old  my first backpacking trip was in tibet.

 I was very amazed with their arts and culture

 In my 20's , I usually traveled to Himalayan area and during that time I was also studying in Qinghai.

 And during that time I was also studying Chinese and Buddhist painting.That time in my life was the most meaningful until I gave birth to my son.

 After that amazing experience until now most of my arts

( graphic designing, face painting ,etc) are inspired by the Tibet culture.

pandapaintingの広告 グッズデザイン、内装 壁画などのお仕事をしています。 🔻クリック


旅する絵書き(Face painter)






グラフィックデザイン、挿絵を描き、body paintingなどの出店をしている。

​Panda painting

 Be happy mind

​ Art my life

for instagram

Berry paint​
妊婦さんとこれから生まれてくる赤ちゃんへ 心を込めて絵を描きます。 🔻クリック
​ Face paint
イベントやフリーマケット、企業用など デザインやパターンもイベント専用にアレンジ 🔻クリック
挿絵や水彩画も描きます。 🔻クリック